Police Responders Upgrade to Ford … Hybrid Models?

Which auto brand has a long-lasting relationship with law enforcement departments all over the country? Ford Motor Company. In fact, since the early 1950s it has been designing cars like the Ford Mainline, the Crown Victoria, the Ford Galaxie and more for police departments. Now, it’s unveiling a new type of Ford car for police departments: a hybrid model.


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Ford Investments Support American Automotive Workers

Ford Motor Company got its start in Detroit, where founder Henry Ford became famous for bringing affordable cars to the masses, and paying his workers fairly.

Though today Ford has grown into a multinational automaker with production facilities around the world, it still remains true to its roots—supporting American jobs.

This month, Ford announced a new investment of $350 million to update the Livonia Transmission Plant in Michigan...

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Making a Roadside Preparedness Kit

Have you ever seen those catastrophic traffic disasters play out on television? You know, the ones where dangerous weather conditions catch drivers off guard and leave them stranded by the dozens? Whether it be major flooding, a fast moving winter storm or other natural disaster, having an emergency roadside kit with you can prove to be a life saver until help arrives. Here are some examples of items you can keep in your vehicle year round as part of your emergency kit:
  • A flashlight and extra batteries
  • A blanket
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The Ford Escape: A Stylish Vehicle for Your Family

If you are looking for a car that can carry your family in style, than the Ford Escape is a great vehicle to consider. It is fairly large, and it is much safer than smaller compacts. It will fit in parking lots well. You will not have to worry about the traffic as much.

The Ford Escape has room to carry 4 adults in great comfort. Your groceries will fit well in the back. The Ford Escape has European styling. It will give you that luxury car look, without the luxury car price. You will ride in comfort to your…
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New & Used Ford Trucks in Goochland

The style, power and durability of Ford F-Series pickup trucks is known the world over. So why would you buy one anywhere else than Goochland's authority on all things Ford? Parrish Ford is home to a huge inventory of new and pre-owned Ford trucks that can get you where you need to go for work, pleasure and everywhere in between. 


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